Kappa Pin

Limited Edition - Only 100 were ever made of this design. 

Kappa are mostly malevolent yokai. They lure humans to the water's edge, where they drown them. Strangely, kappa are known to steal humans' life force by taking their shirikodama, a magical ball that was once believed to be inside every person's anus. 

In modern pop culture, kappa are often depicted in a less menacing light. If you walk down Kappa Bashi Dori, near Asakusa in Tokyo, you'll see statues, signs and posters of cute kappa everywhere. 


NOTE: Pin orders must contain at least two pins of any design. Thank you!   


Hard Enamel

Gold plated raised metal lines

Two pin backs with strong rubber claspers

Measures approximately 2 inches top to bottom, and 2 inches left to right



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